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Best 12 Social media post ideas for this Independence day

Are you searching for some exciting ideas for your brand’s Independence day creatives and social media ad campaigns?

Best 12 Social Media Post Ideas For Independence Day

So as you are looking for some insights for your brand’s Independence day social media post creatives and social media ad campaign ideas, go through the 12 amazing independence day social media post ideas.

As we grow older the zeal of patriotism grows within us, no matter at which place we are in this whole world.

The biggest reason is to have a great and proud history of famous freedom fighters who struggled for their whole life to provide us a free and independent India.

Our Indian cinema never failed to speak and show about all these. In Spite of having lots of genres, people always have a special place for patriotic movies.

15 august holds a special place in every Indian’s heart as it marks the end of British Rule in India and we all celebrate this as Independence day every year.

This day is also remembered as the partition of the great subcontinent into India and Pakistan happened in early hours of 14 – 15 August.

We celebrate the sacrifices of lives by our brave souls for the Independence of our country and also celebrate and honor the people who are protecting and guardian our nations through their service.

We celebrate this great day by honoring our Tricolor flag which represents a meaning in its each color and the Dharma Chakra in between, we host the flag at the Red Fort followed by the cultural events and parades as the part of celebrating Independence day.


Do you remember the Independence day celebration at your school?

Do you remember the dance and skit programs, national anthem and patriotic songs, the speech and most important the sweet distribution?

Thinking of all those moments brings a big smile on our faces, right?

Now we are adults we have to work and make the work work in a proper way, so here we are going to see how to portray patriotism through creative posts for your brands and wish your tribe a happy Independence day in the best way.

Here we have listed some amazing social media creative post ideas for Independence day.


1. Furlenco


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A post shared by Furlenco (@furlenco)

2. Cafe coffee day

3. Subway


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A post shared by SUBWAY India (@subway_india)

4. Play Stationin


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A post shared by PlayStation (@playstationin)

5. SBI Life Insurance

6. Dineout India


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A post shared by Dineout (@dineout_india)

7. Amul  India

8. Frozen Bottle


9. Oyo Rooms


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A post shared by OYO (@oyorooms)

10. Modern Foods


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A post shared by Modern Foods (@modernfoodsin)

11. Honda

12. Indigo Paints


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A post shared by INDIGO Paints (@indigopaints)

Top Independence Day Social Media Hashtags


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Do comment your favorite among the above mentioned creative ideas?

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