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Pay Per Click

Stands for Paid online marketing on the internet, where advertiser pay for ads on search engine Where search engine give you permission to advertise on their portal, where advertiser have to set a bid on CPC(Cost Per Click) based. PPC is not about only Google ads, its also including Facebook ads, Bing, ads, Yahoo & and all paid search platforms. these all paid online platforms make PPC

How PPC Works?

PPC Works on Search Engine Results Page(SERP), Where Advertisers Have to Set biding on CPC based or Impression based for their ads, also work based on keywords that advertiser want to run their ads, so that it may trigger on top of the page on search engine.
for e.g If a user wants to buy online shoes & your ad showing to him and he clicks on that ad so you have to pay for it.

Why PPC important?

In Today Fast moving World, All wants to make money fast & no one wants to Waste their time on organic results, so Companies move to paid online marketing means so they are beginning to start PPC to get fast & effective results.

Because PPC always works on fast forwarding mode. PPC helping to increase awareness of your products and services in a way that suits them.

Benefits Of PPC

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